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Braca Sport Braca Micro EVO II Paddle

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Product Description

These paddles are made to order according to your unique specifications. Components cannot be swapped around once cut and glued. Please contact us for advice if you are unsure of your requirements as paddles cannot be altered or exchanged once completed.

The Micro Evo II is a great paddle for junior paddlers.
Out of stock until October.

BRAČA-SPORT® mission and philosophy is to design, develop and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. We believe that each paddler has different needs and therefore each paddle should be uniquely designed. Different designs work better for different paddlers and environments. Their goal is to continue research, development and creation of a diverse range of products that satisfy the vast variety of paddlers. They are the only manufacturer to engineer paddles in every paddling category: Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat, Flatwater, Freestyle, Marathon, Ocean Racing, Outrigger, Slalom, Touring, Waveski and Wildwater.  

Brača Micro Evo II is an exact copy of the Brača IV with proportionally smaller blade size and with proprietary material characteristics.
The mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit physiology of younger / smaller paddlers. It enables the absorption of impact from each paddle stroke, therefore reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows and wrists and ultimately decreasing common kayak injuries. 

These paddles are fully customised  - please consider the following options:

Carbon Content: The Braca Micro EVO II is a carbon 60 paddle (shaft 60% carbon, blade 50% carbon), which produces a more flexible paddle. The Stiffness / Flexibility of the shaft is measured as the amount of flex over a metre of shaft under a 10kg load. paddle-flex.png

Shaft type: The Fixed shaft is a straight one piece, with a fixed paddle angle that you specify - if you have chosen a fixed shaft please indicate Paddle Angle in the box provided (between 0 and 90 degrees). The Adjustable shaft allows for adjustment of paddle angle and 5cm of adjustment in length.

Hand Grip: Check the box if you want a hand grip fitted at each end of the shaft (sea kayakers usually do but many flat water racers do not).


Fixed paddle angle: you only need this if you have selected a fixed shaft. 

Paddle Length: If you already know your paddle length from a previous paddle, you can enter the maximum length (adjustable shafts have a 5cm adjustment). Otherwise, we need some additional information to help get the right fit for you:

  1. Elbow to Elbow: grip the paddle, with elbows at right angles, paddle shaft horizontal, resting on head, and measure from elbow to elbow (outer edge) behind the back (see photo 1).
  2. Standing height to your curved fingers with your arm raised with your shoulders relaxed (photo 2)
  3. Level of experience of paddler
  4. Make/Model of paddlecraft (eg. Mirage 532; Epic V10 Sport Surfski)


Measure from outer edges of elbows


Measure from ground to inside curled fingers

Protect your beautiful new paddle with a Braca Sport Paddle Bag


  Blade Shaft Carbon
  Surface Area
cm sq
Blade Shaft Weight*
Braca Micro Evo II


45.3 15.1 4.7 - 4.9  50 60 750

*Weight based on fixed shaft. For adjustable shaft systems add 40g.

Having trouble choosing? Call us on 03 9597 0549 to discuss! 


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