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Epic Kayaks & Surf Skis

There are four layup options available over the range of surfskis and sea kayaks:

Club - the most economical construction option in the range. It is also the heaviest construction, yet comparable to most other brands' standard boats.
Performance - composite hybrid. Considered by Epic it to be the best value in the industry. Epic Performance kayaks are significantly lighter than the competition's equivalent products, yet are offered at a comparable price point.
Ultra - very light and popular with the fitness and racing paddlers. It is light, stiff, and extremely strong in the water. Epic's Ultra disclaimer states that while stronger in the water than the Club and Performance lay-ups, the Ultra is more susceptible to impact damage and requires more care when handling.
Elite - extremely light and stiff, a step up from the Ultra lay-up, but with similar durability. Being both lightweight and strong are priority number one for these boats, perfect cosmetic finishes cannot be expected.

Club Performance
Fiberglass on a core mat
Vacuum-bagged with polyester resin     
Trim - white with blue accents

Foam core
Composite hybrid of fibreglass, carbon fiber, & Kevlar
Vacuum-infused, heat-cured epoxy
Trim - black accents on bow and stern

Ultra Elite
Nomex foam core
Woven Kevlar fabric
Vacuum-bagged, heat-cured epoxy
Trim - red accents on bow and stern
Nomex foam core
Woven carbon fiber
Wet laminate, vacuum bag
All black carbon (no gel coat) with white decals 

Note that not every layup option is available for every model.

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