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Head Wear

Effective headwear goes a long way towards maximising your comfort out on the water. The combination of sunglasses, cap/hat and Buff protects from the Sun and also keeps the head warm in cool and windy weather.

For sun protection we prefer either:

  • a cap and Buff combination - the Buff can be polled up to protect the ears and lips

  • a broad-brim hat with a stiffened brim as soft brims can lift up in the wind, exposing the face. Even with models that have a stiffened brim, sunlight and UV reflect off the water and you can still get burnt! Covering up completely with a Buff is really effective! Botox is too expensive!

  • Adapt-a-caps are an all-in-one alternative to the Buff and Cap combo if you find a Buff over your lower face a bit constrictive. The drawstring can loosen off if you want to wear it lower or looser.

There are lots of different combinations of head wear:

Helmets are recommended for use in surf and around rocks. Even if the water is deeper in the surf zone, a capsize may result in you emerging on the wrong (shoreward) side of your kayak and being whacked in the head as the next wave comes through!

Mosquito nets are essential on overnight trips and expeditions. Mozzies and sandflies seem to hang out at all the most picturesque kayaking destinations!