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Thermal and Neoprene Socks

An important part of your base layer is keeping your feet warm - unless you are wearing a drysuit/drypants or some sort of high waterproof boot (mukluks), inevitably you will get wet feet, so you need to be able to keep them warm when wet. Wearing socks also protects that gap between long pants and booties from biting insects that seem to sneak up on you when you are busy at lunchtime and when setting up camp.

Comfortable feet are a key element to enjoyable water sports. We recommend you always wear shoes but what to wear inside them? Here are four different types of socks I wear depending on where I am paddling and the environmental conditions.

The socks I use are:

  • Bridgedale Coolmax Liner (2 pack socks)

  • Adrenalin 3mm Dive Socks

  • Sharkskin Chillproof Socks

  • Bridgedale Expedition Heavyweight Socks