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Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Spraydecks

Aquatherm: A very light, compact, breathable fabric. It is much more waterproof than neoprene but degrades with use and abrasion (assisted rescues). Lifespan 2-4 years with care. Great for people allergic to neoprene.

We stock most Reed Chillcheater Standard sizes and those for certain specific kayaks (waist SM, LXL and for some models XXL). Other sizes can be ordered in. 

Reed Chillcheater standard sizes are based on a keyhole (teardrop) shape, like in the size guide. If your kayak has more of an oval shape (Raiders, Stellar)these keyholes will not fit as the circumference is much greater.

Ocean B
Keyhole A
Keyhole B
Keyhole C
Low Volume/ Slalom
Keyhole Plastic
Big Touring 

Nadgee (three cockpit sizes)
Audax (& current model Nadgee)
Current Designs Storm GT
Tiderace Pace 17
Seabird Designs (2 cockpit sizes)

Custom fit available - allow up to 4 weeks to produce as templates need to ship to the UK and the product return.