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An important, but sometimes overlooked, item of clothing, gloves protect from the sun, cold, wind, blisters and the sometimes sharp marine environment.

Year round, sun gloves with UPF 50+ rating provide protection against UV damage, with the added bonus of helping to protect your hands not just from rubbing and blistering but also from barnacles and oyster shells - a slip or trip that might otherwise be a trip-ender! We use and recommend Sea to Summit's Eclipse Gloves. 

When the environment is colder, you may want gloves with more warmth insulating properties. Neoprene gloves are one option - make sure the material across your palm is not too thick - so you can still find your holy-moly-crap strap in the event of a wet exit! Also you do not want to increase the diameter of your grip - this will stress your forearms. Alternately you can use paddling mitts, or pogies, that velcro to your paddle shaft and you can slide your hands in and out.