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Kajak Sport Hatch Covers

Kajak Sport produce a range of hatch covers from very small round glovebox sized 10cm covers, through to some large ovals.

Many modern kayaks use the KS 20 (8" hatch), KS 24 (10" hatch) and oval hatch covers.

There are various compounds"

  • Original - made of real rubber - VCP Valley replacement hatches
  • Click on covers - harder rigid top and softer sides - newer Mirages, Tahe/Zegal amd many others
  • LRC - softer feel on top and lighter than the original covers. It floats! Stretchy - Kajak Sport note that these work well stretched over on PE rims - can be used instead of Click-on covers and original covers

We also stock a range of rims to match if you are building or renovating your kayak.

Note that the VCP Replacement series are a different size / proportion from the other round and oval covers.