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Custom Spraydecks and Covers

There is not really such thing as a "standard" cockpit - there are so many different ones! 

Off the shelf offerings may not fit your kayak for a number of reasons:

  • Seat position  - the space between the back of the cockpit and the seat back / your seating position
  • Shape of the cockpit coaming - it may be more pointy (Mirage) or have that square area at the back of the coaming (Greenlander etc) or be a wide rounder cockpit when the off the shelf offerings are generally teardrop shaped / keyhole
  • It may be really big, over 1m long (these are more expensive - we may need to get a quote before you purchase)

A custom spraydeck or cockpit cover is the best way to get a good fit!

Be prepared to wait. If you have sent a template it will take a while to get here & then be received by the manufacturer. Electric Water will take around 4 weeks - they are in Australia but are always in demand. Reed Chillcheater (aquatherm) are in the UK - templates take 3 weeks to get there and you will be part of our ordering cycle. If they already have a template turn around may be 3 weeks, otherwise probably 6 weeks to get it back to us, then post on to you.


Please make your order & send your template at around the same time - in your order please add a note in the Comments box that you have sent a template. See our Youtube for how to make a Template.

What to make the template from:

  • For Electric Water neoprene covers, please use sturdy plastic such as an orange Multix garbage bag.
  • For Reed Chillcheater please transpose your plastic tracing onto paper. Plastic sheet cannot be sent as a letter - customs classes it as a parcel even if it is flat in an envelope & we would have to pay over $40 to send! Please trace your template on to paper - if we have to do it for you this will delay the posting of the template to the UK and will delay your order.

If you have purchased an off the shelf deck/cover and need to swap to a custom-made:

  • Let us know by email that you are sending it back - include information on what kayak make/model you have & whether you want neoprene or aquatherm. We will let you know availability, timeline & whether you need to send a template. Some photos (with tape measure showing length/width) are useful as some kayak models have a variety of size coamings.
  • When sending it back to us, include the template and a bag for return shipping (pre-paid Australia Post satchel - medium or large depending on what is being ordered). A note or copy of the email is useful to record what you need.
  • There may be a $ balance to pay if there is a difference in price between the initial purchase and the custom-made replacement.