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Electric Water White water Spray Deck - Kevlar reinforced (Custom)

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Product Description

Electric Water are experiencing longer than usual delays due to circumstances beyond their control - we will take orders but please be patient

White water kayak deck - 3 or 5mm neoprene, kevlar reinforced strip 7cm wide - Customised to fit you

Spray decks are intended to be tightly fitting - you don't want them peeling off when the going gets tough. This can also make them firmer to put on! 

Why is Kevlar Important?

If you have ever rescued anyone you will know why our kevlar is there - a regular 3mm deck (or 5 mm) will not stand up to much of the rough and tumble of dragging another kayak over your deck, you will soon end up with raggedly holes and seepage.  The kevlar gives the deck a longer life, it helps the deck hold its shape and provides extra stability preventing implosions when you go for the big one (or it goes for you!). 

Kevlar reinforced deck - in 3mm or 5mm neoprene, the deck is shaped for extra hold and has a 7 cm kevlar trim around the entire edge. The kevlar protects the edges of your deck from damage, this could be from paddle slap, rescues or rough and tumble in the rapids.  This deck is built to last, we now people are still using these decks 10 years plus after they have been crafted.  This deck would typically be paired with the medium cord (10mm).

Each "Custom" deck is lovingly made in Australia, using secret EW techniques developed over the years that have provided real paddlers with the deck which will see them through the challenge of the water they dare to do. When you see someone with an EW deck, you know they are very serious about their paddling.
Electric water hold templates for many kayaks  - check with us to see if you will need to send a template (if you have a customised kayak or if the seat is in a different position you will need to send us a template).

Please allow approx. 4 weeks for your spraydeck to be created.
Orders will be shipped direct from the manufacturer.

Waist tubes - select your waist tube size from the drop-down. Waist tubes are designed to be a firm fit - if you are at the top of your waist size range and you want a more relaxed fit you may want to go up a size or choose a Multifit tube (additional cost - fits up to 118cm).

Fitting the Deck to your kayak:

With any of the cord and especially with the heavy cord (the red one), dunk your deck or soak it for about 10 seconds, this will give the material about 10% more stretch (keep the tube dry) dampen your coaming with your sponge and now try and fit your deck.  Magic!  you will find it much easier to fit than a dry deck.  Another hot tip, when you put the deck on the back of the coaming, give the sides a little tug forward, bring the side seams to the side of you, this will ensure you don't have any deck bunched up behind you.  Most people will take the front of he deck forward with their left hand holding onto the release strap, put that part of the deck over the front of the coaming and with the free hand flip the sides on.  This will save you putting your thumbs into the deck and creating stress points.

To ensure the longevity of your tube:

1. Please give us your correct measurement, not a vanity measurement (we know it's tempting!)

2. Roll down the top of your tube a few turns to give you a roll of fabric to hold onto as you pull it up or down, this will protect the neoprene from excessive pressure & splitting

And a little trick for getting the deck on and off your body!
Girls - put your decks on over your head...
Boys - pull your decks up...

Why? - the widest part of boys is their shoulders (usually....) and the widest part of a girl (usually....) is the hips.

What makes EW decks so different?

  • EW decks are made with specially ordered custom fabrics to meet our standards for comfort and abrasion resistance with various neoprene grades to meet the performance requirements. EW decks will stand up to the task season after season (they do not use sub-standard materials and do not take short cuts when making of the EW deck) We are paddlers ourselves and know what is needed to make good gear.
  • EW gear is manufactured with materials to provide stability, strength, durability and protection from wear and tear.  The seams are not stitched - so no holes for water to seep through, in fact, they are sealed in more ways than one and that is one of the ways we ensure the decks will not come apart.
  • If you find that you are in that situation when you need to "bail" the release strap is big and easy to find and very securely joined. You can trust it to not fail when your life depends on it! The EW team use them themselves.
  • They are not a mass produced effort with a "one size fits all" mentality, if your seat position is forward or back in the boat don't spend your energy fighting the deck ! tell us where you sit and we will get the tube in the right place for you.
  • Electric Water custom make decks to fit your boat.  We want you safe and secure so we make the deck to suit your boat.  They may take a little longer to get but they are definitely worth the wait. 

 For a Custom-Fitted Deck:

  1. Trace a template on a piece of not-too-thick plastic. See Youtube video below. Make sure you trace around the outside of the cockpit combing.
  2. Mark the position of the backrest on the template
  3. Label the template with your name, kayak make & model, and whether it is fibreglass or plastic
  4. Measure your **Waist** - position the tape at the height level to where you sit in your kayak level with the top of the combing - this will possibly be a different point than your actual waist - write the waist measurement on the template
  5. Post your template to us at East Coast Kayaking, PO Box 7522, Beaumaris VIC 3193

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  1. Wave sport 64 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Mar 2021

    Made and fits well good valve. This is my third spray deck made by EW.

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