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Kayak Carts, Trolleys and Wheels

A trolley or cart is a useful device for transporting your kayak to the water, from your car, campsite or water-side home. They come in different sizes, wheel types and methods of attaching to your craft.

Sit on top carts are specifically made to fit in the scupper or drainage holes of sit on top kayaks. However not all scupper holes are the same size and not all kayaks have sufficient plastic around their scupper holes - force a trolley with large insert rods into small, thin plastic scupper holes and you will be looking at a visit to the Plastic Welder!  

The Sea to Summit Sit on Top Cart has solid wheels that are excellent on hard and uneven terrain (it fits larger scupper holes such as those on the Perception Pescador 12 shown in the Youtube).

Kayak carts that strap underneath your paddlecraft are a great solution for getting your boat to the water. The wheels are removable so you can stow it in your back hatch or cargo area. There are small width carts for sea kayaks, surf skis and smaller recreational craft, medium size for larger canoes and kayaks and large carts for huge tandem kayaks and you can also stack your SUPs on them. Choose balloon wheels such as those on the Wheeleez Mini Kayak Cart for soft sandy beaches, or solid wheels such as those on the Sea to Summit Kayak Cart for tracks, roads and harder or uneven terrain.

For best results fasten the straps through the perimeter lines where possible to prevent them loosening off and sliding!

If you want to make your own special set of wheels (or have a handy golf cart frame lying around), the wheels on these Sea to Summit and Wheeleez carts can be purchased separately.