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Mirage Sea Kayaks

Mirage Sea Kayaks have had over 20 years of kayak building experience. They have evolved over this time to stay with the changing trends of paddlers needs and have a solid outfitting of standard features. If you then combine these features with the many customisable options that are available, a Mirage Sea Kayak can see you through every level of your paddling life.

Mirage Sea Kayaks include all or some of the following standard features:

  • Unique Mirage integrated power steering system - with a solid footrest platform, combined with the integrated rudder, it improves propulsion, leg drive and offers superior directional control, that enhances paddler performance.

The integrated power steering system has a long heritage in sea kayaking and is engineered to enhance the performance of the kayak, whether you are a taking your first strokes or you're crossing Bass Strait. This system is not only very simple to use, it is truly expedition proven to get you safely through the most challenging conditions.

  •  Dry storage compartments – offer superb seaworthiness and secure storage capacity including a conveniently placed day hatch in most models.

Long distance touring requires large storage capacity as well as access to essentials whilst away from the nearest land. The single kayaks have three watertight bulkheads that separate the kayaks into four sections of storage, being forward, cockpit, day-hatch and aft storage.

The day hatch cover, which is offset to one side, can easily be removed on the water for access to food, drink and emergency equipment without the need to go to shore.

Mirage use several different hatches depending on the design:

530, 530 Sport, 520, 22s and 730 Kajak Sport hatches for bow and day hatches, Neoprene gasket with fibreglass (or carbon) cover for the stern hatch.
582 Kajak Sport hatches and rims (25cm - front, 20cm - day and 47cm x 28.5cm - oval).
583 Freeride Kajak Sport hatches and rims (rear only 47cm x 28.5cm - oval)
583 Custom Fish and Adventure Kajak Sport hatches and rims (25cm - front, 20cm - day and 47cm x 28.5cm - oval)

The Kajak Sport hatches are light and vigorous kayak hatch covers which are made by combining two different materials together. The rigid centre part reaches to top of the hatch rim and secures that the cover can’t be pushed inside due to force of a wave. They weigh only 170grams each and have amazing durability.

  • Full safety reflective perimeter line and functional elastic deck rigging

Mirage Sea Kayaks have strong, large diameter 6mm deck lines around the perimeter for ease of grasping even with cold, wet hands. The deck lines are a dual density marine grade polyester that has a reflective weave throughout the entire line. 

Shockcord is attached fore and aft to retain deck items such as maps and a spare paddle. All lines are held in recessed deck fittings to avoid getting snagged or knocking unwary knuckles and are both Australian made.

  • Safety reflective sleeves over perimeter line. To aid with the reflective perimeter line, we have added 50cm sleeves that are applied over the deck lines in the bow and stern of every Mirage sea kayak.
  • Contoured, supportive, ergonomic seat - available in small or large. Another advantage of a locally made kayak is the opportunity to have the correct seat size fitted. It is important for a paddler to be “connected” to the kayak and one of the key areas is in a correct fitting seat. Mirage offers a choice of two seat sizes, which fit across the entire Mirage kayak range, to ensure maximum comfort for the paddler at all times.

    The Mirage seats are also available in 100% clear-coat Carbon - you will be able to save about 250 Grams from a fibreglasss seats.

The following options can be factory fitted when you order your Mirage Sea Kayak:

  • Carry Toggles - Hand made and very strong
  • The Glove Box - to keep your valuables safe and secured, it comes with a Kajak Sport hatch cover
  • Compass - Being designed as expedition kayaks, the Mirage requires a good compass for paddling in fog, open water crossings, long river paddles or coastal navigation. A high quality deck mounted ships compass can be factory fitted to a recessed mount on the forward deck for hands free navigation by the paddler.

We can also offer a customisation ideas for new kayaks and can also upgrade your current sea kayak:

These items can be purchsed and installed yourself or ask us about our installation service on 03 9597 0549 or info@eastcoastkayaking.com

See our Youtube for some ideas on what is possible!