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Flat Earth Kayak Sails

Trade Winds Sails with Black Trim. Please contact us if you are interested in either red or blue trim.

The latest model is "Trade Wind", released in 2015. It's an aggressive, sharp-looking sail that grabs the wind and runs with it. When the TW first hit North America in 2015, it blew off the shelves, and the feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive!  
Trade Wind is made of a UV-resistant transparent Grand Prix material with carbon and kevlar reinforcement threads, making it extremely resilient and resistant to stretching. Scottish sailor Douglass Wilcox comments, "This type of cloth has been long used on windsurfer wave sails and they take a real thrashing." Read Douglas Wilcox's review of the TW80 HERE.

Link to Flat Earth Kayak Sails Installation instructions

2620twcloth.3.jpg   2622reefpt.3.jpg

Coloured trim is available in blue, red, black, and all white (colours may very depending on availability of materials).

Flat Earth Sails come in 3 basic sizes. 

  • 0.7 sq meter "TW70". We recommend 0.7 sq meter or "70" sails for kayaks 16' or shorter so that the stowed mast does not conflict with the cockpit. 
  • 0.8 sq meter "TW80". The 80 is a good all-around sail for expeditions and day trips on kayaks 16' or longer. 
  • One square meter "TW100". For those in search of speed and addicted to adrenaline, there is the 100. The mast is long, so this fits best on a long kayak.

All sail kits are sold complete and come with detailed installation instructions. In addition to two stays, uphaul line, sheet, and mast base which are pre-attached to the mast, the kit includes: 

  • mini block and tie
  • traveler
  • 2 sail keepers bungee with olive cleats
  • 2 jam cleats
  • 2 deck buttons to make attachment points
  • stainless hardware for all