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Wet Suit

We seldom paddle distance in a wet suit - they are not the most comfortable garment compared to a good set of thermals and paddling jacket (or dry suit if it is really cold!), but a wet suit has its place when training or spending a lot of time paddling and playing in surf.

Most paddling clothing is designed for you to not spend much time immersed. Dry suits are designed for this but they are a major investment and are more suited to paddling in places like Tasmania, New Zealand and northern parts of North America or Europe, where you will get your money's worth. If you are learning to roll or other forms of self rescue, or like to play in surf, a wet suit is a much more affordable investment.

Ideally, for paddling you want one that will allow maximum arm movement - the sleeveless or "Farmer John" style. These are available with a mixture of 2mm and 3mm thick neoprene - greater thickness to keep your core warm and retain flexibility for your legs. Wear it with thermals under the top, wetsuit socks (and shoes) and a paddling jacket to keep off the windchill. 

These wetsuits are ideally suited to water sports and are also popular with divers.