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“It's better to be hot and bothered than cold and emotional”  -  You can always cool down, but you can't always warm up!

Clothing is a key consideration when going paddling - you must get this right in order to enjoy kayaking safely and make the most of your day paddle.

The clothing Golden Rules - your kayak clothing should:

  1. Have NO COTTON - when it gets wet, it does not dry and remains cold and heavy! “Cold Cotton Kills!” NOT EVEN JOCKS or socks!
  2. When wet it must stay warm AND dry quickly!
  3. Blocks wind, sun, rain and sea spray!
  4. Protect from the unforgiving marine environment, such as rocks, barnacles and oysters, plus sand flies and mosquitoes that are found in the most beautiful kayaking locations!  
  5. Be high visibility and reflective - you want to be seen by other water users day and night!

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