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Roof Racks

Look after your SUP, kayak or surf ski while driving by transporting it on your car using good quality and suitable roof racks. This will also look after your car!

We stock various types of kayak cradles and J-bars (where the kayak is angled on its side - good for carrying 2  kayaks on narrow cars), but not the bars that connect to the cars. If you need bars fitted we recommend a reliable and professional roof-rack installer such as Roof Rack Superstore.

  • Kayak Cradles - support the kayak's shape and hold the kayak securely in an upright position. Simplest solution when side-loading by 2 people.
  • J-cradles / J-bars carry the kayak on its side. This allows better use of a narrow car roof for carrying more than one kayak
  • Foam blocks are good for carrying and supporting flatter-based or upside down kayaks, sit-on-tops or rotomolded / polyethylene surf skis
  • Extension bars are recommended for long kayaks/skis particularly where the car roof is shorter (sedans).

Plastic kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks can be transported upside down on the roof-rack bars (maybe pad them or use Foam Blocks so the kayak is not marked), but any curved hull kayak and surf ski (whether plastic or composite) is best transported right way up in a set of cradles (or J-racks for sea kayaks).


  • All cradle sets will come with tie-downs. Don't rely on the cams (spring-loaded) alone! Tie your tie-downs off with a couple of half-hitches.
  • Don't get distracted between loading and tying down your kayak! Make sure it is secure before you go for coffee!
  • A firm level of tightness on the tie-downs will secure your craft on the car. Don't crank down too hard and crack the seam on your composite kayak  - mechanically cranked cam straps are not recommended.


ruk-sport-combi-rack.jpg  ruk-sport-hawk-folding-j-bars-sm-500x721.jpg

Aside from these simple transport solutions, there are a number of cradle and lifting devices to help get your kayak safely onto your car.

  • Thule Hullavator  - Kayak Load Assist 
  • Yakima Showboat - slide out roller for rear loading
  • Rhino Side Loader - a rod extending out from the side of your racks - lift up one side of your kayak and then pivot the other end onto the roof racks
  • Rear loading slider cradles - regular cradles in the front, low friction cradles at the back so you can more easily slide your kayak from the rear

These lifting and loading solutions are available from our local roof-rack partner Roof-Rack Superstore in Moorabbin can supply all your paddlesport carrying needs. Mention Kayak Shop Australia in store for a 5% discount.

We are often asked the best way to carry a kayak - particularly when you have a sedan and the racks are close together - "Is it safe?". You may need to use a bow & stern line back to the front and rear of your car. Check with the experts at Roof Rack Superstore and get the best advice.





Thule Hullavator

Be sure to check your state's regulations (eg. Vicroads) regarding the overhang you are allowed over either end of your vehicle and when you should display a safety flag. Remember the rules may change when you cross the border!