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Rudders, Skegs and Footbraces

Replacement rudders and skegs and complete systems for outfitting a new kayak or replacing existing parts.

There are a lot of options!

Skegs and rudder systems:

  • Smart Track rudder systems  - both the vertical standing Smart Track rudders and Smart Track Hybrid Foil that flips over onto on the deck
  • Kajak Sport Navigator rudder systems slide up on to the back deck rather than flipping over
  • Skegs and skeg systems by Kajak Sport

Footbraces and Rudder control (Toe-pilot) Footbraces:

  • Sea-Lect Designs footbraces which fit a wide range of sea kayaks. There are upgrade kits to add rudder control footpedals to existing Sealect designs Footbraces. A Sea-Lect Designs stud mount system is available to fit these
  • Smart Track Footbraces and Toe-pilot Rudder control footbraces. This is available in two styles - Transitional and Performance,. Stud mounts can only be used with the Transitional as the Performance has a metal bar covering access to the screws holes. Both Sea-lect Designs and Smart track stud mounts can be used. The toe pedals are higher than in Sea-Lect Designs so not recommended for very low-decked kayaks or ones with recessed for decklines such as the Mirage (use Sea-Lect Designs)
  • Kajak Sport Footbraces and Flex-joint Steering Footbraces. Kajak Sport also have stud mounts for their footbraces.

Spare parts are stocked for Smart Track rudder systems and Kajak Sport Skeg systems. Contact us if you can't see what you need as we get new stock every couple of months and can get parts in.