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Deck Bags

Keep your essential gear close at hand with a deck bag.

When stowing gear in a deck bag consider how waterproof your bag needs to be.

Watershed bags are truly waterproof - with its Zipdry closure the Aleutian Deck Bag holds those items that must stay dry when we are guiding - documentation and first aid kit.

Deck Bags with roll and clip closures are splash-proof, and may withstand immersion for a small time but it is possible for water to work its way around the rolled closure, so these cannot be considered to be a truly dry bag. The Sea To Summit's Access Deck Bag and Sea to Summit SUP Deck Bag (which contain a Roll & Clip style bag) are this type of deck bag.

The Gearlab Deck Pod and Deck Pod 2 can hold a variety of items inside and attached to, the padded bag. As it has a mesh panel underneath it is not waterproof in itself so any precious items should be placed inside a waterproof container. The Gearlab Deck Ray is a smaller, flatter type of deck bag - quite low-profile.

North water have a variety of deck bags (such as the compact Turtleneck Deck Bag) and bags that attach inside the cockpit: Underdeck bag and a pair of Interior Mount Cockpit Bags.

An alternative to a deck bag is to use a piece of Deck Mesh, threaded through bungee (shockcord). It will hold items in a convenient location. Use a carabiner or bungee and olive clip to lanyard items back to the mesh or perimeter lines for added security.