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De-Ticker II - tick removal device with clip

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Product Description

The De-Ticker II ends messy and dangerous tick-removal practices
The best method to remove ticks from people and pets is the "gentle-turning method", instead of force, pulling or other inferior methods. Turning the  tick will loosen the mouthpart without breaking it off. 

  • Used a gentle twisting motion
  • Removes the whole tick
  • Great for camping, hiking and kayak camping

Dimensions: 12mm diameter, 95mm length

Protect yourself and your pets from tick-borne disease by:

  • Be observant and aware of ticks and the potential of tick bites on people and pets.  
  • Immediate action and remove the tick as soon as possible
  • Using methods that will remove the tick completely - without parts remaining in the skin of the host, or rupturing the tick.
  • Carefully observing the area of the tick bite after removal of the tick. Seeking medical assistance immediately if the skin near the tick bite area turns red and/or itches.
  • Ticks might select areas of the body where they are difficult to spot, such as inside the ear, in the hair or similar. This might delay or hinder the diagnosis of tick-borne diseases and treatment-making it even more dangerous.


How it works:

The De-Ticker was designed to grab the tick and hold it—spring loaded—without destroying it, allowing a turning motion of the device with the tick.
When ticks attach to the host, the “mouthpart” (generally referred to as the head) is inserted into the skin. It is covered with a large number of fishhook-like barbs, which resist being pulled out. Using force and pulling generally result in the mouthpart or even larger parts of the tick tearing off and remaining imbedded in the host, causing all kinds of problems including infections.
The barbs do not resist the “gentle-turning method” of the De-Ticker. After 3 to 5 turns, the barbs have widened the hole in the skin sufficiently, to allow the tick to slide out of the host, easily, completely and consistently.
Note: Tweezers, fingernails, or similar are unable to perform this task, which requires simultaneous grabbing and turning of the tick. The wrist itself is unable to turn more than half a turn. Correct tick removal requires three or more consistent and continuous turns without letting go in between. Therefore, a suitable device like the De-Ticker is needed for correct tick removal by turning instead of pulling.
The pressure of the spring-loaded claws of the De-Ticker is designed to hold the tick firmly for removal, but will not destroy or “squash” the tick. If allowed, the tick will walk away after removal when opening the claws.


Product Videos

Spelean Australia: De-ticker II (02:38)
DeTicker II product video - yes it's... let's say, a classic! maybe even retro, but the Ticks don't know that!
  • Spelean Austra...
    DeTicker II product video - yes it's... let's say, a classic! ...
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