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Sea-Lect Designs Footbraces

Sea-Lect Designs have footbraces to suit ruddered kayaks and non-ruddered kayaks.

The foot peg position is easily adjusted even while sitting in the kayak - turning the red rod releases the lock on the foot pegs and the foot peg can be moved closer or further away with your foot.

For kayaks used by different people, such as the Mirage 730 sea kayaks in the Massive Murray Paddle, we replaced the Leg Drive boards with these footbraces so we could quickly change over paddlers with different heights/leg length.

Fitting Tips:

  • For Rudder Control Footbraces use a small piece of 4mm bungee with the footpedals so they spring back up.
  • Rudder Control Footbraces can be used with Sprectra (2mm) or stainless steel wire  (both available by the metre)
  • There us a fine adjustment Kayak Footbrace Cable Adjuster Kit to help adjust the cable tension.
  • If you wish to avoid drilling holes in the side of your kayak ther footbrraces can be purchased with the Sea-Lect Designs Stud Mount Kit

Sea-Lect Designs provide printed instructions and also YouTubes:

Fitting Rudder Control FootBrace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G8LTl_MWO4