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Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder System

The Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder System is distinct from the Smart Track Rudder System in that the blade flips right over to the back deck, rather than standing vertically when not deployed like the standard Smart Track rudder systems.

The Smart Track Hybrid Foil Rudder System is available with either Bayonet Pin, Mid pin or Long Pin Housing and comes as a set with the Single  or Tandem (longer) Hybrid Foil Blade and the various fixtures & fittings.

As with the Smart Track Rudder System, the blade (Hybrid Foil Blade) is a plastic rudder blade, spring loaded, but longer.
The spring is set to pull the rudder up - to keep the rudder in the water you need to cleat the haul-up line.
This is the opposite of the other Smart Track rudder systems where the default position is down (in the water) & you have top cleat it up.

All the fixings and deck fittings are provided except for the rudder rest (HF Blade rest) because many plastic kayaks will not need this - as they come with a groove in the stern already. No instruction sheet - we recommend watching Youtubes such as the one below (search Smart Track Hybrid Foil for more).


Not Included:

  • The HF Blade Rest is an optional extra.
  • Your kayak should already have a hole for the pin to go through, but if the hole does not have a metal pin and has become enlarged you may need to insert a Bayonet Pin Sleeve (for plastic kayaks use the one with the Flange - screw hole), or use a Sealect Designs Rudder Gudgeon mounted to the rear of the kayak that the Long pin can be inserted into.

The Youtube below, by Stellar Kayaks USA, shows how it works & how to install (bayonet pin).