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Smart Track Footbraces

Smart Track have footbraces to suit ruddered kayaks (Toe Pilot Foot Control) and non-ruddered kayaks.

The foot peg position is easily adjusted even while sitting in the kayak - lift the plastic rod so it disengages, then slide it backward or forward to suit your leg length.

The Performance & Transitional Footbraces are stocked,. Both have metal housings protecting the adjustment rod. In the Performance, the rod is covered and also the fastenings - this means the stud mounts cannot be used with the Performance range.
If you wish to use stud mounts instead of drilling through the side of your kayak then you need the Transitional Footbraces / Toe Pilot rudder control footbraces.

Tips / Useful Info:

  • For stud mounting (Transitional Footbraces / Toe Pilot) either of the Smart Track Mounting Studs and the Sea-lect Designs Mounting Studs can be used.
  • The Performance  and Transitional Toe Pilot Footbraces come with either 15' (4.57m) of cable or a short length of cable with Barrel Locator adjustors at the end for use with 2" spectra (Racespec)
  • To use with cord instead of stainless Steel Cable, the Barrel Locator Adjustors added. The hole is quite small (narrower than 2mm Spectra), so may need to be manually enlarged (gently). 1mm Dyneema rope is a possibility (not stocked).
  • The Vertical Adjustment Kit with Rail Spacer is used to adjust the height/angle of the footbraces against the side of the kayak.

The Smart Track Footbraces and Toe Pilot Foot Control Footbraces can be used to replace existing footbrace systems in many kayaks. The Toe Pilot foot pegs are quite tall and some kayaks have indents for deck lines that may not suit this system - does not easily fit Mirage Sea Kayaks. Sea-Lect Designs Footbraces are a good alternative in these cases.

Smart Track Toe Pilot Foot Control footbraces can be used with other types of rudders, not just Smart Track Rudder systems.