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Current Designs Kayaks

Current Designs manufacture a range of composite (fibreglass or kevlar) and rotomoulded polyethylene kayaks in the USA. They produce kayaks in both the "North American style" - with rudders and the "British style" with skegs.

We have a range of Current Designs kayaks available for demo:

  • Sirocco (plastic)
  • Storm GT (plastic)
  • Squall GTS (plastic)

The Storms and Squalls feature a rudder, whereas the Sirocco and Gulfstream are skeg kayaks.

They all have generous touring style cockpits and are available in white and a range of safety colours.

We have a range of Current Designs spare parts & accessories. If you don't see it here contact us!

touringcockpitpoly.jpg  touringrotocolors.jpg