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We now stock the original HELINOX chair and table range - high quality, lightweight and compact.

The Helinox brand has been around since 2012 and we have been enjoying Chair One and Table One since 2013 - adding comfort to our sea kayaking expeditions and outdoor life! 

Helinox chairs are lightweight and compact. The Chair One weights only 860g and packs down to about the size of a vacuum flask. The pole frame is DAC aluminium linked by elastic cords, so that the chair almost self assembles. These poles are low weight, strong and deliver great stability. Helinox equips the seat with highly breathable mesh inlays on the back and sides enabling the chair to deliver effective ventilation and great comfort even on hot days.

We stock Chair One, Chair One L, Chair Zero, Chair Two and Sunset Chair, their Groundsheets (sand mats) and Table One - we can supply the other colours, seats, tables and stretchers in the range - contact us for availability and time frame (allow an extra week/ 10 days to ship).


Chair Assembled
Weight   Capacity  Accessories


Set of 4 
Ball Feet

Chair One 66cm 35cm 35cm 960g 145kg A Type 45mm
Chair One L 72cm 37cm 37cm 1200g 145kg D Type 45mm
Chair Zero 64cm 28cm 35cm 510g 120kg E Type 45mm
Chair Two 84cm 34cm 46cm 1200g 145kg  D Type 45mm
Sunset Chair 96cm 45cm 47cm 1500g 145kg B Type 55mm


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