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PFD - Women's

These PFDs are created with women in mind - the difference may be in the distribution on the foam or in the waist to chest ratios.

Our other PFDs are 'unisex' and can also be worn by women, as the 'Women's' might also be worn by Men. A good example is the popular Kokatat MsFit Tour - it is described in the label as size W[size] and is a different size guide to the Kokatat Outfit Tour, but is also popular with men.

Aside from the women's PFDs listed below, you might also consider (in no particular order):


Kokatat Leviathon
Kokatat Bahia
Sea To Summit Fishing

Sea Kayak Touring:

Ultra Pinnacle
Kokatat Outfit Tour
Sea To Summit Quest Hydration

Surf Skis (VXP & VX do not have shoulder adjustment. VX does not have the front pocket that is in the VXP) :

Vaikobi V3 
Mocke Ocean Racer
Vaikobi VXP
Vaikobi VX

Recreational Kayaking (Less pockets than in the Touring PFDs)

Palm Universal
Palm Meander
Sea To Summit Commercial Multifit

Whitewater Rescue:

Kokatat Hustle R
Kokatat Guide
Astral Designs Greenjacket
Sea To Summit Leader