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Kayak Repair Kits

On any kayak journey you should have on hand some basic safety items and repair materials specific to your kayak so that if something goes wrong you can effect minor repairs and call for help if all else fails.

If paddling on extended expeditions there should be an extensive kit (eg. fibreglass repair kit if the group is comprised of composite kayaks) within the group and each member carry a general kit that will cover them for all but the most major of mishaps.

General Repair Kit:

*Multitool (& second multitool from paddling partner - should be one per person in group)
*Head Torch
Sharpie / permanent marker
Any additional specific tools your craft requires (spanners, shifters, screwdrivers)
Duct Tape (plus something to dry / heat the surface before application - e.g. method / camp stove)
Zip ties
*2mm Spectra - for rudder cable replacement & sail rigging
Assortment of bits & bobs as applicable (may not all apply to skeg kayak), to replace things that may fail or are lost when paddling:

*mini D-shackles
*split rings
*Olive clips
*Deck line guides

*Shock cord 5mm - suggest 2m 
*Aquaseal - repairs clothing, dry bags, sleeping mats, spraydecks - use whole tube in one go as it doesn’t keep after opening)
*Sail needle
Dental Floss (strong thread for repairs that does not break down & rot - seal with Aquaseal)

Composite Canoe/Kayak Repairs:

In addition to the above items, you should also have:

*Fibreglass repair kit - like we had at the Paddlefest

Waterproof instructions (& a cup of tea to be consumed whilst reading the instructions!)
250ml Polyester Resin
10ml Hardener (M.E.K.P.)
1 piece of fibreglass mat (1/8 sq m)
Bag of talc powder - for making polyester putty
250ml Acetone (clean up solvent)
3 mixing sticks
1 paint brush
Hardener mixing cup
Add Additional fibreglass mat

Sandpaper (to go with the FG repair kit)
Selleys Knead it Aqua

Kayak Repairers:

For a professional repair for your kayaks and surf skis in the Melbourne area we use and recommend:

For Plastic welding:  David Bedarfield . 0402 996 769 as featured in our Youtubes
Fibreglass repairs:   Steve Vegh (Canoe Innovations)  0414 575 311

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