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Hatch covers for Valley Rims

Valley Canoe Products' (VCP) rims are standard on Valley sea kayaks, Nadgee Sea Kayaks and many other sea kayaks.
The Oval Valley Oval hatch rim 43.5 x 25 cm (outer edge) - note that there are similar sizes on some other kayaks such as Canoe Sports Raiders - these are close copies of the Vally rim and there are slight size differences.

Valley hatch covers are a rubber compound that should last several years, depending on the amount of UV exposure. To prolong their life, store them our of the sun, taking them off the kayak when not in use. Application of Armourall may help prolong their life and makes them more flexible.

As well as the Valley hatches, there are other companies that produce hatch covers for Valley rims:

  • Sea-Lect Designs
  • Kajak Sport range of hatch covers for VCP rims

Note - VCP 8" hatch covers fit older Mirage Sea Kayaks (530/580/730) whereas newer Mirages use the Kajak Sport 20 hatch covers