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Why choose this GPS model

The Garmin GPSMap 78sc has:

  • Colour screen - so different colours of marine charts can be seen
  • BlueCharts for AU, NZ & part of Sth Pacific preloaded
  • Memory expandable with a microSD card slot - you can purchase additional cards & load charts from other areas purchased
  • Buttons are that are easier & quicker to use on the water than touchscreens

 And it gives you something to play with as you paddle!

 Tips and Tricks 

  • Replace GPS unit’s batteries each day on an expedition, otherwise every 2 days
  • Do not leave open on Map pages as is burns valuable battery life
  • While on the water place GPS unit in an Aquapac 348 waterproof case
  • Understand how to also use a Base plate and Deck-mounted compass, and carry Charts copied onto waterproof paper.  Do not rely on technology 100%! Each person on an expedition should have and know how to use independent GPS units, in case one fails
  • Use Google Earth to plan your trip - useful for finding beaches and landing sites.
  • When working between your GPS, paper charts, Homeport software and Google Earth, make sure you are using the same Lat/Long units (eg. degrees & decimal minutes) and map series (WGS 84)

 For more details on getting the most out of your GPS visit our Blog.