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Hydration for marathons

Make sure you have adequate water - this is especially important for individual entrants, but also for relay sprinters. Whether your water is on your back or secured in your kayak, you won't want to pause to reach for the tube.

Make a hands-free hydration system

You will need:

  1. Shape the coathanger & tape the insulated tube to it so that you can reach it with your mouth. By using a spare tube you can save the original tube and mouthpiece for when you don't necessarily need hands free. This tube also has insulation so the water in the tube doesn't heat up so much in the warm weather.
  2. Cushion the back of the coathanger where it rests against your neck.
  3. The reservoir goes in the back pocket of your PFD or it can be secured in the cockpit by a cockpit tie-down system.

See the Youtube: