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Gearlab Akiak Greenland Paddle

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  • Carbon Black
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  • Diamond shaped joint
  • Titanium hardware
  • Two piece construction

Product Description

Gearlab's Most Popular Paddle 

Combining proven Inuit ingenuity and advanced carbon fibre technology, the Akiak is a versatile paddle for all conditions. Sporting a perfectly balanced hydrodynamic shape, it allows kayakers to explore new waters further with ease.

Greenland style paddle blades make contact with the water covering roughly the same surface area as Euro-blades, but the even distribution results in a smoother stroke and more control in the water. The narrow blade also creates less resistance in the air, allowing paddlers to explore further with less physical strain.

Original Pro-Tek tip: Gearlab’s signature ProTek tip design bolsters the ends of the paddle with an easily replaceable tip made from a durable polyamide material. This provides confidence in rocky or shallow waters, and the option to customise a paddle with coloured tips.

Length: 210cm  220cm 230cm
Loom Length: 49cm 51cm 57cm
Blade Width: 8.4cm 8.4cm 8.4cm
Weight (Black): 880 ± 30 g     910 ± 30 g    930 ± 30 g
Weight (Coloured): 920 ± 30 g  950 ± 30 g  970 ± 30 g 
Construction: Carbon Fibre

Stocked in 210cm, 220cm , 230cm lengths with shoulderless loom, in Crimson Red and Mystic Blue. Limited stock of Carbon Black (discontinued)


  • Diamond Joint: Gearlab’s innovative spring joint design snaps securely together to ensure a flush, firm connection between the blades. The carbon fibre components will not warp or rust when exposed to any water conditions.
  • Titanium Hardware:Aerospace grade Titanium screws are used in all Gearlab paddles, ensuring that even the smallest element of a Gearlab paddle remains strong and rustproof.
  • Two Piece: All Gearlab paddles feature a two-piece design that separates quickly for convenient transportation and storage on the kayak deck. The low-profile carbon fibre button release creates a flush joint and sleek paddle shaft
  • Includes spare set of tips & wax block (for lubricating button/ferrule) 

Size Guide:



Add your wingspan and cubit(*the length of the arm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger)measurements together. This is the ideal size of your paddle.

Paddlers should consider additional factors when choosing their paddle length, including the width of their boat, their stroke style, and water conditions. When in doubt, most paddlers are happier with a slightly shorter paddle because these paddles encourage torso rotation (utilising abdominal muscles more than arm muscles), better blade placement, increased control, and less strain on shoulder joints.
Gearlab suggests the sizes in this chart for the Kalleq and Akiak models. Most paddlers find these lengths ideal, but personal preference may require a choice different from Gearlab’s recommendation.
  • A slightly shorter paddle is preferable for paddling in windy and rough water conditions because the slightly smaller blade provides less resistance out of the water and more control in the water.

  • A shorter paddle is optimum for a higher, more powerful stroke, while longer paddles benefit paddlers with a low, rapid stroke.

Product Videos

How to choose the paddle size from Gearlab Outdoors (01:53)
Choosing the size of the paddle is always intriguing, there're a few way to do so. "Size is Power" is the key factor for us. Let's see how we choose the paddle. #GearlabOutdoors #PaddleSize
  • How to choose ...
    Choosing the size of the paddle is always intriguing, there're...
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Product Reviews

  1. Gearlab Akiak Carbon-fibre Greenland paddle purchase 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jul 2021

    I purchased this after learning to paddle with a wooden Greenland paddle and recommend this product highly. Being able to to transport it on my travels is a great plus!
    The team at the kayak shop in Melbourne have been friendly and helpful, including post-sales support and advice. Another happy paddler! Marise

  2. Nothing but praise ... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Sep 2020

    ... for the Akiak Greenland Paddle. I have been canoeing & kayaking for just over 40yrs now & have been venturing into the world of sea kayaking.

    My biggest surprise is the speed & comfort that the Akiak delivers. I thought I would have issues with the lightness of the carbon fibre but it really is a joy to hold & paddle. My speed has improved by approx 10 - 15% (as measured on my handheld gps) & again, it is much more comfortable to paddle with.

    I am also finding that niggly little injuries are much less than when using the European paddles. As I am in my mid 50's this is an absolute relief as I should be able to continue kayaking for many years yet.

    It hasn't quite solved world Peace but I'm sure there is a way ... ;)

    Cheers ...


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