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Phone and VHF Radio Cases

Out on the water it is important to have a means of communication if it all goes pear shaped. A phone in a waterproof case is good insurance but don't risk your expensive phone! 

Waterproof phone cases such as Aquapac and Overboard are rated as submersible to certain depths for a period of time (see individual listings for the IP rating).

There are also cases specifically for VHF radios that accommodate the antenna.
Your GPS (although it may have a waterproof rating) may also benefit from some extra protection - depending on model they will fit in Aquapac 358, 368 or a smaller VHF case for models with the bigger aerial.

Aquapac also make a wide variety of cases for other items such as insulin pumps - if you have a particular requirement contact us.


  1. We are out on the water a lot so our cases get a good workout - we actually replace them after 6 months of constant use. They then get used for storing keys, cards or other items, stashed in the day hatch for extra protection.
  2. When not in use store your phone case closed, so it is not flexing on the hinge line.
  3. Always check the seal for grains of sand or salt crystals. 

Size Guide (if your phone is in a case take this into account when choosing - see measurements in individial listings):

  • Micro – Fits phones 120mm/4.7in tall, 75mm/3in wide. iPhone 4 and other small phones.
  • Mini – Fits phones 140mm/5.5in tall, 75mm/3in wide. iPhone SE, 5, 5S, 5C; Google Nexus 5; Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini; and other phones that are the same size
  • Small – Fits phones 150mm/6in tall, 100mm/4in wide. Fits iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XR and XS, Pixel, Galaxy S range etc.
  • Plus –  Fits phones 160mm/6.5in tall, 100mm/4in wide. Fits iPhone 6 Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus and other plus size phones like Huawei P20; Samsung Galaxy Note etc.
  • PlusPlus – Fits phones 171mm/6.7in tall, 110mm/4.3in wide. Fits larger phones with Heavy Duty bumper cases such as Otterbox, or phones with an extra battery booster as well.

Useful to know

  • Functional in extreme conditions, desert or arctic conditions
  • Fingerprint Recognition (e.g. Touch ID) won’t work through the Aquapac – you will have to enter your passcode
  • Face Recognition (e.g. FaceID) software will work as normal in this Aquapac
  • Some phones have rather sharp edges. We recommend the use of a thin bumper case which will protect both phone and case